The Worst Of: Volume I - Peanut Butter Bears (The Beginnening)

by PlasticBag FaceMask

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Jordan Stringfellow
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Jordan Stringfellow All I can say is thank you and WOW! Skull Incision, Time Bomb, Keeper, and now PlasticBag Facemask. I am hooked for life! Every thing I hear from all of these projects is exactly how I would want to make music. Keep it up Guys! STAY UNIQUE! Favorite track: Well, Mrs. Lincoln, Other Than That, How Did You Enjoy the Play?.
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released October 31, 2015

All of these songs were written in 2008-2010 by us.
Additional lyrics written by Nathaniel Simmons.
Recorded July-October 2015 in The Doom Cupboard.
New black and white artwork by Zero Lopez.

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PlasticBag FaceMask Fresno, California

Two guys who write and produce music in a small room. We're just trying to make you annoyed and amused.

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Track Name: A Glass of Green Tea
JACOB: Paint the walls. The wood is splitting and I won't stand for it. Put up a fresh coat, cover up the lies. I'm getting a headache. Splitting my cranium. My walls are getting closer. Square feet area shrinking. I think I need to move out. Leave me alone! Just crawl out my front door. Oh stand aside. Be polite, I'll show you out. Pace back and forth and back and forth.

J&PATRICK:Please don't leave me all alone.

P:I'm sorry, please come back in. I can be so rash sometimes. Would you like me to prepare some tea? A Glass of Green Tea. What the fuck are you doing? I said get the fuck out. Get the fuck out of my house or I'll fucking kill you.

J: Finally, Peace at last. Boy I sure hope it lasts. Finally peace at last. Boy, my house sure is small.

P: Misunderstanding paranoia. Circulating my psychosis. Renovate mass phobia. Disregard my diagnosis. I need one more line.

What are you planning to do? When your life finally breaks? When your wrists finally leak? When your lungs fill with black?
Track Name: Brick Wall VS Black Hole
JACOB: Running, fighting, on a ship. Afraid to catch a splinter. The cabin boy stole my girl. I will take his dinner.
PATRICK: Spontaneity. This fire burns for us all. I am weak but you are destined. There can only be less than three.
J: My head became the skull of a dragon. Your fucking cottage will be burned down into ice.
P: I cannot believe there is only you and him. Or was it Dr. Jenkins? This is insomnia. Are those bears or dinosaurs? My name is Jesus and I'm an alcoholic.
J: I will find you. Find the best view. Cork your fucking wine. I smell so divine. Thank you for your time, obese help desk dame.
J&P: Your car I will key. If your car was your kidney. And I will ride through the town.
P: I know that it was all for show. I know it's not what you had in mind, but this is not what we should get ourselves into now. I know you are not that way.
Track Name: Br00t B33r
JACOB: Living, breaking, raping, spewing, eating, shitting, breathing, burning.

PATRICK: Begin the breathe. Begin to breathe now.
Bring him to me. Bring him to me now.

J: Fly into fire. It burns, burns, it burns.

P: I will bring you down. I will take you out. What do I do now, guys? Bite the fucking curb.
Track Name: Butt Sex Is Wild And Don't Cause No Child
JACOB&PATRICK: Sometimes words speak louder then actions since we are reduced to these letters. You are everything but a stranger and that is for the better. The view from up there must beat the one down here. But wrong turns right and up comes down. And that is where we will meet, dear.

P: You have a good head on your shoulders but the crown weighs too much. I pray for your voice and I breathe for your touch.

J: For quite sometime this quote of mine has been dancing around in my head. My God, it is stuck behind my eyes. These leaves, they fall stiff in cold December. I have an open hand and a bitter heart. Slow wit and a sharp tongue.

P:You can only be blinded if you see the light, and I am deaf from the roar overhead. Home is years away and the calendars are getting longer. The days are getting hotter.

J&P: I hope that sorry helps because if not then you must be helpless.
Track Name: Dr. Jenkins, The Nuclear Reactor is Overreacting!
JACOB: I have found the formula. This will make me all powerful.

PATRICK: Wait! Stop, this is madness. You should use your intelligence to help those less fortunate.

J: It is my intelligence. The people are idiots. But for no longer. Hahahahaha.

J&P: Not even for science will we suffer. Not even these test tubes can hold in our hatred. This blinding white light reflects our lab coats. We study we study we study. Science science science.

P: You are a fool. What will be left to study when you are all there is. Anatomy was never one of your strong suits, Dr. Jenkins. And apparently neither is logic. You will destroy yourself. It is in your nature. You are a fool.

J: You are the fool, Dr. Lankanotvich. We are scientists, not mere men. Embrace your power. And join me.
Track Name: Fruits Are High In Trees
JACOB&PATRICK: Some things are better left unsaid, but it’s hard to talk when you’ve been pronounced dead. Burn the bodies. Burn the bridges. You turn so nicely with your burned fingers. The ashes collect in your hair and you’re caught standing there. The black and white only look only good on piano keys. Trust me sweetie this is not a mess you should get yourself into or that you can get yourself out of. Just breathe in deep and let the smoke lick your lungs. You melt as wax. I will hung a picture of my wall full of needles and pin pricks. As I gave you my last name and you put it through shame. It was my name.The only name I had! Soup, soup plate, sour, source, source books, south? Where am I? Am I in the south east, southern, south west, souvenir? Huh, I guess you could sew. Or sell some soy beans. Space, space, space, spade? You should save my soul, sweet son-in-law. Sonnet, soon, soon as possible, sooner than later, soda, socket, sock, sock, society, social, socialist, saw, someone, someplace, somehow. Well, we’re back. And I’m just gonna cover you in rubber and throw you off a cliff so you can bounce back up and I could push you back down! Some people like kittens for the lulz. I like them for the protein. Just a minute, I gotta tie my shoes. Oh, these are slip-ons. Huh. Huh. Well, somebody get me some laces, am I right? Get my gun. Do you have a knife? How long does it takes giraffes to throw up? Giraffes don’t throw up, Patrick. They throw down. Welcome! Hello. Let me in!
Track Name: I Don't Have Any Straight Face
PATRICK: That’s all I could really ask for. That’s all I can really want.

JACOB: Raindrops are falling on my head. This rain cloud is my paranormal activity, my dark cloud of bugs. I am plague.

J&P: When I was a figment of your imagination, I haunted your dreams more than I cared. All alone, I’ll do my best to haunt you again.

J&(P): These feet have walked the gravel too much. (I can feel you watching me every second of the day.) Legs tire, knees weak. (Your breath freezes me in my tracks.) These creatures are with me. (With me.) With me. (You confiscate my sanity) Leaving me to crawl on my knees. (Too enthusiastic.) Too anxious. (This hell burns darker when you whisper in my ear.) Your eyes seem brighter when I say nothing at all. When I was a figment of your imagination, (I haunted your dreams more than I cared.) All alone, I’ll (Do my best to haunt you again.) I want you to see me every time you close your eyes. (I gasp at the thought of your dark shroud.) I gasp at the thought of you. I’ve never been one to dwell (On you) But you’ve exhausted all options (And now I feel obligated to say that you) This is the last time (this will cross my mind) I swear to all listening (Never again) Will I waste my patience, (time), or effort (When this was so effortless)

(J)&P: Don’t say that you want me. (Want me. Want me.) All you do is haunt me, now. (Haunt me now.) When I say this, please understand
(the ship is sinking with no sight of land.) I’m watching as you slowly drown and (wish someone would grab your hand) I see your thoughts all leave your head. (Your mouth still moves but nothing’s said.) I scream out to my only friend: (I loved you ‘til the very end.)
Don’t say anything at all. I can always haunt myself.
Track Name: I Will Make You Into Luggage
PATRICK: Fierce teeth bite my . . .

JACOB: Don’t break your writing pencil. I see what you can’t see. Cut the adultery. We are all just children still. Your eagle’s flying higher still. From sea to shining sea. Oh, God. I can’t see where I put my hands. Oh, God.

P: Don't stop. Win her heart. Her still singing limbs. Who knows what trouble I’m in. Lost in the eyes of fantasy. Lost in the realm of heresy.

J: Fierce teeth bite my . . .
Track Name: I Wish Your Mother Had Swallowed You
PATRICK: Cut up you all look the same. I'll put your bodies to shame. You better shut the fuck up. Before I sew your fucking mouth shut.

JACOB: As you open your eyes. Not a tear drop will roll by.

P: You're as callous as they come. You're the one that makes my heart go numb. One day you'll be with me. You will be. Oh, you'll see.

J: Well that day has not come.

P: As, well, you can tell. And that is why I continue to yell.

J: If you wanna be dead, better let me. If you wanna breathe, better stop me. All you had to do was stand beside me. Clothes, hair, and blood all around me.

P: Well I met her long ago. And now she's dead on the floor.

J: You shoulda known better. Yeah. Yeah, I've never known wetter. Yeah.

P: You're the one I did love. Now you're the one I'm gonna use for my cat's grub. There's just one problem how am I gonna scrub all this blood out of my bathtub?

J: And as I pull your hair out the drain I can't help but bust a beat from Fifteen Minutes of Fame. This girl. This one girl that didn't love me. Don't let this girl be you. That would be not very safe for you. Yeah I just rhymed you with you.

J&P: What the fuck are you gonna do? Pull it. Pull it. Pull the fucking trigger. Keep your hand clasped in mine. And call me your valentine. For quite some time it seems. I had the girl of my dreams. The blackest of hearts and the whitest of doves. And I sit here broken hearted knowing that she is in love.
Track Name: Squirrel VS Squirtle
PATRICK: Black and blue are not your color,. I'm impartial to the red. Your sheets all smell of smoke. Like the bloodstain on your bed.

JACOB&P: See the bleeding now. Hear the screaming out. With a pleading shout. And a needing doubt.

J: I will make your fucking eyes bleed.

P: Because I’m not worth your tears. Because I’m not worth your fears.

J: Watch your pupils recede. Watch them slip away.

P: I bid thee farewell today. A worthless life of fucking pain. I can't wait to smile. When you fucking scream.

J&P: Lie dead face down.

P: Lie dead face down you worthless cadaver, you. They can not help you now.

J: How are you so full of yourself when you're full of everyone else?

Listen! You know we severed our ties to you, but now you’ve taken the rope and created a noose. Listen! I know it’s time you face the truth. Alive or dead, our lives move on without you. Listen! You know we severed our ties to you and we took a fresh breath with lungs renewed. Listen! It’s time for you to face the truth and be gone for good, there’s nothing left to say to you. Listen! I love the way your heart sounds when you can not fucking breathe.

J: I will not tolerate this shit anymore.

P: I will see you fucking break and your smile fade away.

J: See you burning.

P: As you go up in smoke you are charred. As the blood leaves your throat you are scarred. As you drown in my moat from afar.

J:How does it feel to be so fucking trapped and to know how fragile you truly are?

P: I will break your fucking neck and the rain will wash away the blood.

J: Is it tough to breathe? Then why are you still speaking? Begging for mercy the pitiful get no pity.

P: Your throat is slit. Your face is gone. It has caved in.

J: As I walk from the body, your eyes roll into the gutter. Dry your eyes, you see, you don't live in this world anymore, you're dead.
Track Name: Striking Out With You Is Like Striking Out in T-Ball
JACOB: I don’t know what you had wanted. But I don’t think it’s what you got. Share your worst fears.

PATRICK: These children play foolish games. These children with foolish names. They wallow. These children fuck in the rain. These children fuck.

J: Nothing sinks faster than when it’s full of guilt. And I’m sad to say, you’ll be at the bottom in a matter of seconds.

J&P: Sink faster.

P: I hope the salt reminds you of home. I hope you grasp tightly when you’re alone. I hope you scream with no hope to be saved. I hope this is what you craved.

J: The inner me I can’t control. For the thoughts in my head weigh more than gold.
Track Name: Strippers of the Apocalypse
PATRICK: Sent down from the heavens. Destroying everything that's in my path. Shedding all the blood of man. Bow down to me your new master. Burning bodies like they were sticks. Unless they bear the 666.

JACOB: It's time to bring you back. Show 'em how to shake that ass. Reality. Your empire already fell. Follow me back to your Hell. Suffering! Fires rain from blessed skies at hand. Burning all your toiled land. Spoiled hookers take your business. Strippers of the Apocalypse, you will win this. Breakdown. Nothing now.

P: Misery loves company! The skies rain upon the children,
Upon their graves.

P&J: You makers have fallen. Your masters are calling!
Track Name: Beneath the Plastic
JACOB&PATRICK: In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. The bigger they are the harder they fall.
Track Name: The Only Thing Better Than a Bear is Fire-Breathing Bear
JACOB&PATRICK: I would sing you a song but I lost my voice. Do not call this rape just lack of choice. I left a red X on your door. What’s it for?

P: The way your feet always move. Perfect skin left so smooth. I lick the sweat from the small of your back. Plastered paint is left so wet. How unfortunate. You can't find the words.

J: Our honeymoon home on the edge of a cliff. Cloud 9 evaporated a puddle of shit. I love you less than four. You look so pathetic walking out your door.

J&P: I’ll take you home.

J: Squee is friends with the son of Satan. He has been abducted by aliens. Squee will be so fucked up. He watched Johnny rip another man’s brains out.

P: Bree, bree goes the pig. Brie, brie is the cheese. Squee, Squee is the shit. Nee, Nee knows it, too. Schmee, Schmee was a bear. We, we all loved him. See, see your true self. Be, be all you can.

J&P: All the salt from the sea cannot dry your eyes. And all you try to be cannot cover your disguise. You can cry all you want until water fills your lungs. And leave without singing your songs.
Track Name: Well, Mrs. Lincoln, Other Than That, How Did You Enjoy the Play?
JACOB: I can't focus. You are distracting me. Put on some clothes, you freak.

PATRICK: You have a one way ticket to Heaven. But even trains are affected by gravity. We will wait ever so patiently. To take back the smile that’s rightfully ours. Bite down on your lips.

J: Tied your neck piece to tight. I'm sorry we've lost it all.

P: I will paint you like a canvas. My brush is so tired. Lack of knowledge.

J: I will not open my eyes if I have you to see when I awake.

P: I'm telling you to bleed the way you do. You answer to earn. Let's cap the top at the end of your tongue.

J:This ocean is drowning me.

P: There's something in the air. Your body's out there. You say it's not.

J: This is the first time I have ever seen myself without this mask on.