Riff Soup

by PlasticBag FaceMask

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Drums written and recorded 4/21/13
Guitars and bass written and recorded within 13 days in November and December 2013.
Josh, Noah, hissixnames, Bob, Gioia, Remi, and Kyo recorded their own vocals.
Remix of track 4 produced by SatanicErynnBoe666.
Lyrics written by the people who sing them, more or less.

Produced by Jacob Lee in The Doom Cupboard.


released July 29, 2014

Patrick Hogan: Drums, vocals
Jacob Lee: Guitar, bass, vocals, tiny bit of drums

Artwork by Audie Fulfer, Jessica Cantu, and Jacob Lee.

Physicals designed and pressed by Jacob Lee.
CDs available at PlasticSkull.Storenvy.com

We'd like to thank I Kill Cameron, JC, Tiger Lily, Luddite, The Horse I Rode, Inside the Sun, Noah Sias, Human Trade, Crooked Hoof, Stateless, Keeper and Favorite Child, Chai, Raum, Dependence, Amenthes and Ruins of Eden, James Doesn't Exist, Fiend, Cabin Fire, Kyodin, Meet Me in Montauk, Le Wolves, Baackgammon, and Wallflower.

Also thanks to Jacob Bannon.



all rights reserved


PlasticBag FaceMask Fresno, California

Two guys who write and produce music in a small room. We're just trying to make you annoyed and amused.

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Track Name: Today In Two Weeks feat. Phoebe Munoz, Shredded JC, Josh Wyble, Jareth Bizieff, Brandon Mendez, Roger Hallaway
JC and Phoebe-
Walk out of the basement
Haven’t seen your face yet
Never see the sunrise anymore
Counting many sheep as I choke in my sleep
And cough up a tumor
Let me sleep
Let me sleep

I hate the sound of my pulse in my ears
I love the idea of my hollow veins
The human condition is terminal

The night’s arms never really let go for me
Or maybe it’s me that keeps hold
Its fingers fit between mine perfectly
While you move to the city of angels
I’ll sleep in the city of owls

Death is guaranteed. Satisfaction's guaranteed. A box lined with satin is the last home you'll ever need.
It's our favorite past time. To die before our friends so the funeral hall stays full. It's a lucrative business. To bury the skeletons of those we once knew. Six feet below our lives. One stone marker. Life moves on and so it goes.

Today there is a god falling from the clouds
A behemoth, leviathan. ancient and extinct
we flood the crater for summer and burn the fossils fuels to fly in our private box
We close our eyes and dream the end of the road
Forever beaten and battered like the bat out of the sky
The night’s arms never really let go of me

As I walk past the graves of my friends, I can't help but wonder, "How does it feel to be dead, and would I like it?"

Porcelain teeth embellish a fist full of gold rings
Fever dreams; Ruby red in pleasure and must
The way I’ll never know your body, I’ll never know it

Wander the astral gate
Foot caught in the fray
Wander the astral haze
Foot caught in the fray
There's horses dead near the off ramp
Farmers flourishing from the sides
Delivery man without remorse for the slaying of felines

You without me: Me without you

Dressed in cold sweat, now I realize.
Her stained sheets won’t take me back again
Track Name: Banana Split Your Turkey Stuffing feat. Inside the Sun, Noah Sias, hisSIXnames
Patrick and Jacob-
Whoever said, "Follow your heart, it will lead you home" never knew that you would lead me straight to Hell. And now that I'm here I don't feel so at home. I have a million bad dreams. You're in every single one.
My dream girl has turned into the things of nightmares. Now you make me want to stay awake. And I'm so glad you're in my head because only a sick mind could conjure something so cruel.

A congregation of machines commanding machines
An infinite kinetic cycle
Fueled by extinct resources
Creating wasted energy
Like blood through veins
Like ants through soil
The gears turning nothing

I wish I could call home. But all I get is a dial tone. Now I'm out here on my own I miss the way things were back then. This thinking. Lightness of being. These thoughts are unsinkable.

When I’m gone,
You’re still home
Isn’t hell just a life on repeat?

Please, I need you to remember how to breathe because all the oxygen is trying to leave. I'll save you.

Jacob and Patrick-
He is becoming.
I am left standing.
I’ve been brought home to be left dying on the ground.
Feel the air's freezing.
Now my time's fleeting
One breath, now I'm gone.

Back out, these thoughts inside are twisting me around

It used to be just your name on my lips, but in a twist of fate it's turned into your kiss.

You’re in the walls but they’re not closing in
Its not me, you wrote your life sentence
My shoulders are broken by the weight of the guilt
I’m buried inside this castle I built
That’s all. that’s all, I can’t take much more of this
Put up a shield but I’m gasping for air
Off the playground now so nothing is fair
Round and round and round
I’ve done this once or twice before
Take me out

Inside The Sun-
My cave, hide me, hide animal
Erodite, troglobite
Under the ground, cannot be found
My cave, my wall
Kill one, feed/love all
Mandibular serration
Let all mouths feed

I know you have a minute to spare for all these minute men in your life. Hahahaha. I know you can give me a second of your time.

All good intentions lead straight to hell
This isn’t a home, this isn’t a comfort
The thought of you waiting at the door
Eats the paint right off the walls
Forever an insomniac
To the sound of your voice
Am I delusional or disillusioned?
I used to trust myself
Until now

I will cut you from my mind. I will cut you out of my mind. A million second chances and every single time I was your asshole.
Track Name: Three Girls in Europe feat. Josh Wyble, Bob Wyble, Nate Vanderhoof, Steven Thomas, Cameron Rutledge, Gioia Lea Gerber, Nicholas Elliot, Tyler Isch
I remember the skies
As I left the forest
I remember the taste
I remember the dread
As I returned home

Is this your greatest gift?
Tore us apart
A cloud of ashes sending hail upon us
Free field trip to a sanitorium

Your body is cold, but I'll be your sun. Your body is light, but I'll be your gravity. With limbs wrapped tightly, I know no other home. Skin like snow, I'm covered. I'm pure.

And I bleed everyday
And I carry my crows I find
My true love, not lost

I just feel so helpless
Can you hear me
I feel so helpless
Can you hear me
I just want you to help me

I sit here and question if I am making myself unhappy by desire
When I learn happiness is not found in you
I feel my chest rise
But do I deserve happiness?
We are all addicts and I am not exception
Addicted to vices, Addicted to gifts, Addicted to sweetness
Addicted to you
Is darkness my addiction?

Walked in the shallows
Bare feet in the mush
Snakes bite my ankles
Dark air, dark musk
Musty and damp
I said it to begin with
Bury my face in my hands and cry

Behind a light of blood and oceans
Is this your greatest gift?
You created all this yourself
Weak hands, but a strong mind,
Unwired, unstrung
With its own reticle, framing all those on your list
Erase the names, fill the board with the small tasks necessary to thrive
I implore

Selfish, I waited for the space between my teeth to close
Selfless, I left my jaw plated in gold at the foot of your bed
Sinister, I pressed my tongue into the inside of your cheek
Sincerely, I craved the way your eyes hid and forever

The water from your eyes seeps through my skin. I can feel it swell my bones. You need razors made of gold to match the heart that's pumping blood through the gaps in your wrists. Bathwater tinted red, I kiss your scars just to make them blush. This is the closest I have ever felt to you, watching you fade from me.

From darkness comes a light.
Was running, I took flight.
But the shadows won't fade.
When night falls a new cycle starts.
Though it feels like an ending
For day and night part.

I only apologize so many times
Before it becomes a lie
Hiding in the shadows afraid to speak
Shattered glass leaking into my home
Lacerating my feet
Like a leash tied to the spigot
I’ve written myself into the villain of my own story
For only rescuing myself in distress
This happens every day, every place
The oldest story ever told
The oldest song ever sung
Yet here we are again
Spinning the wheel


And anymore, I don't have the answers. The faded smell of your hair. The light shiver from cold water. If you tried to do it again I don't think I'd stop. Just hold you close and never let go.

Thrown in the lost and found
And finding all I ever wanted
Has been there all along
There is nothing more
To see that the road we’ve taken
has ended before us
Now you’re gone
and all I can think about is
How I’ve wanted more
I’ve needed more than this
Only red roses, don’t forget.

Just speak up, just say it
There’s people outside
And they want to know were you happy
Been hiding
And it looks the same
Your face is lying
You don’t look like you did
Way back when
Before you had
Are you still lying?
I miss who you were back then
Why did you have to change?
Or at least try
Because you’re still you, at least on the inside
And that’s the sad part
Track Name: My Low String and How I Broke It: A True Story feat. Buddah Love, Remi Gawin, Satanic Erynn Boe 666

Your arms hold an inner rain
But you know you can’t
Blood can’t flow like this
Track marks on a road of gold
Can't renew your lease at home
Can I give you a second go?

I sense your shadows against my light. I can feel your hands gripping me. He has taken control.

Encrusted veins
Genitals mashed up with hate
Tongue shaved down to nearly nothing
Without eyes, you’re quite disgusting
Wrapping the bag around your head
Trust me, you’ll be just fine
(Your last vision)
Because although you’ll wish you could
(From across the room)
I won’t let you die

Satanic Erynn Boe 666-
I own the biggest castle
With the strongest fucking walls
And I’d promise you sanctuary
But I’d rather see you fall

The first time I cared at all
I wound up broken in a stall
Breathing vomit til I puked
Ashes on my finest suit
I lack the fire, grab the bellows
Hoping for help from my fellows
Grinding up the days today
And I like it, so I think I’ll stay

Yes I have the biggest castle
I promise you’re not worth the hassle
Lead to me your sick and weary
I’ll send them back home just as dearly

Nowhere to hide from me
(You better watch your white shirt)
Be the man I want to be
(You better watch your white shirt)
And just because the people hate me
(You better watch your white shirt)
I work on killing all who I see
(You better watch your white shirt)

I shouldn’t have to tell you
My castle is the strongest
And while I may forget you
Your effort was the bombest

The strangest dog in my possession
His bark so pure it’s worth obsession
I can’t imagine life without it
Although I wish his throat were slit
Fury leading to a hopeless battle
Envy tells me I must bat her
Lust brings it all back around
And anger makes it safe and sound
One more line about the castle
It’s in the pictures on your mantle
Break into your house for sure
Find the matches, start the burn
Leading me to wonder if I’m even worth the dirt
And while your words bounce off me it never leaves me hurt


Nowhere to hide from me
(You better watch your white shirt)
Be the man I want to be
(You better watch your white shirt)
And just because the people hate me
(You better watch your white shirt)
I work on killing all who I see
(You better watch your white shirt)
Track Name: Skull! feat. Michael Thomas, Nicholas Elliot

A flaccid oil drum, throw your trash into the basket
Bonus free-throw points if you make it
Naked lungs, no liver failure
Gold bricks amongst the mold
Hold tight, internal stitches
Not a scar to behold
Not one scar
I can’t see why life’s worth living any other way
These ropes tied to me drag me downward
With weights inside the vat

I think you've always heard it wrong. You've become a sheep in wolf's clothing. You stand taller than your legs can stretch. I can hear your bones popping. Come down here with the rest of us. You run your mouth so much I fear your legs are jealous.

Track Name: Dr. Jenkins and the Formula Within
Patrick and Jacob-
The whole world dissolves in my Erlenmeyer flask
A compound too unstable for any other man
All our bonds have broken
I watched you rise like steam from the flame.
I wish we could go back to the science again.
Remember we were scientists?
Remember we were the best of friends?
Now our cards are on the periodic table
Now our acids are bases again.

My dear friend, it's been ages since we last spoke.
And I see you have built an empire on the soiled remains of our once respected science.

Patrick and Jacob-
The whole world dissolves in my Erlenmeyer flask
A compound too unstable for any other man
All our bonds have broken
I watched you rise like steam from the flame.
I wish we could go back to the science again.
Remember we were scientists?
Remember we were the best of friends?
Now our cards are on the periodic table
Now our acids are bases again.

I see you standing on your tower so tall. But I remember how all your ideas were so small.

You don’t understand the gravity of this situation
My knowledge is so vast it would flood the world if a leak were sprung by a skull incision
How dare you call yourself a scientist
You’re nothing more than a sci-fi hobbyist
I’m so smart I could be a god
But then I wouldn’t exist
Being that self aware
Is what makes me a scientist

You don't understand the gravity of the entire planet. I think your mind has sprung a leak because you've become a time bomb. You have made yourself a god and now it's my turn to make sure you don't exist.

Jacob and Patrick-
Ya'know, I think you should just give my way of life a shot. It's really not that bad. I think you should open up your mind because it's not getting enough oxygen right now. I mean, I have my own castle. It's pretty cool.
Yeah, you have your own castle, and you're way way up on the top floor. I think you're the one that's not getting enough oxygen here with how thin the air is, and how thin your logic is, and how thin your way of thinking is.
Well, you know what's not thin?
My castle, these fat stacks, and your mom. Boy, you aren't even familiar with carbon and its many oxides. You should blow my . . . More glass for my vials and flasks, or annotate my research notes because my writing is grotesque. You are just my errand boy. Like a
Cratogeomys Goldmani. Now get me a C8 H10 N4 O2, so I can create something great. By the way, I just called you a gopher. Now where's my damn coffee?
Congratulations! You memorized the Period Table. You could be a writer for Breaking Bad. Good job. Evolution was wasted on you. After 25,000,000 years you're the result. You can tie your shoelaces without bending over. Your IQ is three digits only because of a decimal point. Never give me a piece of your mind, I don't think you can't afford it.
Well, your mind is just like Pi! Irrational!
Your quanta is made up of an unusually high amount of strange particles!
You're really on the trailing edge of the bell curve!
You must be from the shallow end of the gene pool and I think it needed some more chlorine!
Well, you're being particularly unevolved today!
Stop functioning from your Lymbic system!
I'm- I'm not, though!
You're like the failed first attempt at Frankenstein's monster!
I'm Frankenstein's best monster! Look at my fucking castle!
Yeah, well, bro, you better watch your white coat!
Yeah, I bet you wish you could! Your eyes are blinded by my white coat!
Blinded? Blinded! Blinded by this huge ego of yours!
My ego could take your ego!

Patrick and Jacob-
The whole world dissolves in my Erlenmeyer flask
A compound too unstable for any other man
All our bonds have broken
I watched you rise like steam from the flame.
I wish we could go back to the science again.
Remember we were scientists?
Remember we were the best of friends?
Now our cards are on the periodic table
Now our acids are bases again.

This isn't over.
Like a dog I lick my wounds.
Or a dragon.
But I know dragons don't exist.
That's why I'm a scientist.
But this isn't over.
Track Name: I Am Facebook Officially Going to Puke feat. Stephen Fire, Kyo Mora
I wish that I could see what comes. I want to see my life with you and know all we go through because I, I know.

Have you met her?
Chained to the wall
Voice like a feather
Have you met my Justine?
Locked in her state of repose
I know that she loves me
I know that she loves me

All these worldly items keep sticking onto life
Like thorns on a shirt
I’m going to drop them all
And won’t ever watch them fall
Sitting in the tundra with torn clothes miles away
I consider life a challenge
I’ll enjoy myself when I’m dead

Patrick and Jacob-
The sky's alive.
Nothing good has come from this
It's come alive.
Your pulse has gone cold
It's teamed up with the sun.
Our transmissions are blocked
Swallowed whole.
And you are left
I always trusted you.
Boiling on the street
Blue majesty.
Blue devil.

White hot as my finger twitched. Knock, knock on the door to unhappiness.

Jacob and Patrick-
You can’t take my world away,
not even I can
It is more a skeleton than what I have inside
Like knives, the heat stabs my eyes. I miss the clouds. I miss the way the shade would dance
With nothing clinging to me I feel the cold breeze it all seems out of reach.
Upon my body, licking away the sweat. It made me shiver the way only friends can.
What hold did it have on me before when I don’t miss it at all?
From my box I see the stars. They keep me lit. I know no other sheep to count.

Can't you see my mind is falling?
In my eyes, the darkness calls my name.
And there's nowhere to hide
It's inside us all
'Cause when it enters inside
It's inside your souls
Feels like the rest of me
Feels like the rest of us just died
All around the macabre bush
The monkey chased the weasel
All around the mo-berry bush
Pop goes the weasel
Track Name: Man, Jets Are Hard feat. Buddah Love, Nathan DeRaud, Keanu Huerta, hissixxxnames, Ryan Urquidez, Logan Jensen

What were you trying to say
When you looked me in the eye
And said that you love me
You lied, why?
Why would you lie?

Don’t you worry none, you best be glad
Everyone’s in black and they better be sad
Only red roses, none of that colorful shit
Buried in a cheap suit, that’s what I need
None of this bullshit, none of this greed
Only red roses, don’t forget.


What's the point when there's no one left to study all of our histories?

I woke up screaming
Ghosts like echoes lingering over me
I’m being watched
I can’t expect this ship to stay afloat
Yet you pour all your faith over the rail
And pull the hood over your eyes
All smiles here captain
I wish this port were as safe as the sea

When the sun swallows the planet there will be no memories of us. Don't forget me.

Didn't I kill you? The last time I killed myself. Your soul is a filthy hotel. If you had a heart I would reach right in and rip it apart. A lunch line for the demons drooling hungry waiting for the feast. I will be released.

There’s a head in Stephen’s shed

The was I see you breathing makes me lose my breath.

Tighten the leash around the tree
Soft eyes stare up at me
Small heart glows lightly inside
Drown them in acid
You worthless filth
Lashing hateful whips
Shredding his mind, no skin left dry
I hope I die, I hope I die
But what am I?
Just a pilot, unaware
There is nothing I’m in control of but my eyes
Wreck the ship and let me fly
Cut the leash

Dread the day that I can’t turn left out of my driveway
Simply because of your geographic location on the map
I’ve invested in things before
Bad friends, bad trends, and wasted whores
I’ve invested in things before
I’ve been under pressure and won’t invest anymore
Everyone is fucking worthless
Next to them you’re almost perfect
That’s what makes you worth it
Our value is measured by
Track Name: Some People Say U. S. of A. And I Wanna Hit 'Em feat. Josh Wyble, Remi Gawin, Nicholas Elliot
I filled my bag with too many bones
What a burden to bare
Now I open my bag for you
Feed me your skeletons

You accept that you’re lost in this modern art
It’d be nice if you thought we’d restart.

I won't forget the child I was. The way I slipped up on my words. I can't forget the dreams I had and the wish the tower granted. The days taught me to live, and the nights taught me to love.

The word hate, fuck you
We got our speed from mom and dad
Surprise hysterectomy
I'm fucking gluten free
You won't believe how fucking glutenless I am
How can you fucking call this aluminum
Breakdown via breakdown via 45 revolver you stupid cunt
Scalping children at a children's beauty pageant
With my hair as long as my lifespan
I'm gonna squirm

Perpetual motion. Always spinning. And though we slowly descend, I regret not a moment. Turned silence to "Hello."


Your voice never ceased, even in my sleep.

What are you?
Always reappear, but always elusive
Quiet, sleek, sneak, pace
Power hidden underneath
Coated in ash, trails behind
He walks through the door, hesitates
Eyes lock, charges, weapon drawn
With murderous fury
Contact, a flash, I woke up screaming
But did I really wake up?
Track Name: Is He Talking About Selling Fat Chicks? 'Cause I'm Buying. Hey, Grandma! feat. Phoebe Munoz, Corina Mendoza, Dalton Smith
Fireflies they’re gonna die
Hail falls out of the sky
Hold hands
As we walk with the dead
Please shoot me in the head
It’s for the best
Don’t let me kiss your flesh
I want to believe and they wanna deceive
I saw the truth and I could hardly breathe
It’s an inside job
I don't wanna leave this file closed tonight
I know what I saw and something doesn’t feel right

Every time I slip it rips through my fingers
That rope I left above has grown older and colder
A haze of starry night is the only comfort in my absence
The night will hold all my lies alive

I was not the man I thought I was
Picking and stabbing at the wounds
That are scabbing and it hurts
But it's worth it
Just to crush your head beneath my foot
One day I’ll feel the relief of watching you sleep forever and ever
If you die before I wake, I pray to the lord you live another day
Just so I can send you to him, on his way

Jacob and Patrick-
Can't escape this feeling that I'm glad
Your plans have failed by your own hand
All your bones have broken
You sent yourself on a fools errand
Your veins are empty, desperately arid
Don't forget to write her for all she's done
Decaying alone while you sleep in gold
Nothing ties better than vine and thorn