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Track 1 instruments written and recorded 8/23/13
Track 2 instruments written and recorded 6/30/13


released December 1, 2013

Photographs by Jim Bertie.
Patrick Hogan: Drums, Vocals
Jacob Lee: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Production

CDs available at PlasticSkull.Storenvy.com



all rights reserved


PlasticBag FaceMask Fresno, California

Two guys who write and produce music in a small room. We're just trying to make you annoyed and amused.

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Track Name: God|Glass
The floor creaks under your feet
Drowning out the silent roar
Eyes gaze barely from a safe distance
Rooms, floors, memories
Shifting, sifting

Empty bed
Never slept
Floor littered with words
Walls littered with fears
Ceiling caving in
Crushing all I've said
Accustomed to the dark
Ceased my struggle
Stopped the begging
Forgotten freedom
Gaping mouth
Jaw unhinged
This darkness swallows me whole
I hear my mind dripping on the floor
This is unrelenting
I feel a creature living in the shadows beneath my eyes
Dark circles

Tormented hearts, repeating
Missing pieces, stolen
Punisher; relentless, unmerciful
You're trapped! Imprisoned
Fouled the incantation

Stories plastered on the walls
Dripping to the ground
This building sinks lower in hell
Taking shape based on your will

Secrets found in a red velvet bag
Will you ever see your friends again?
No one could guess this is what life had in store,
So unfair and cruel but this isn't life anymore
Those you knew changed
Growing outward, grasping and reaching
Like vines, twisting around the trees, killing them


Forgotten the use of friends
Hydrate on the blood that forms in my mouth
Bubbling sores
Feast on the flesh that is presented
Get out of my head

Stories plastered on the walls
Dripping to the ground
This building sinks lower in hell
Taking shape based on your will
It's alive because of her
They died because of her
The men are just puppets
Pulled by their own unraveling seams
Living an endless cycle
Empty torment

Whose eyes are these that watch
Never seen
Know they're there
Patiently linger
Passionately suffer
No longer seeking a light to blind me
The darkness has blinded me enough
Dead trees in the wind
No more leaves to give
Scars make up my whole body
I hoped to get used to these feelings
But I never have
And I don't think I ever will
This feeling of dread that rises inside me
Becomes my gravity
And crushes me until I give in

Secondary witness, experience death
Find sympathy
Agonizing thirst, fatigue, hunger
Pretty little noose
Inviting deathbed
Be swallowed whole
Welcomed with open arms, claws
Vice grips in eternity of rot and decay
Your new friends are here
No more smiles, no more laughing
Eyes staring infinite
The company is full

This feeling of dread that rises inside me
Becomes my gravity
And crushes me until I give in

Will you ever find your friends again?

Now I start to feel it
The nightmares are beginning
Track Name: Devil|Glass
In brighter days than this,
We were closer than this.
We've forgotten the equation,
so now we are a fraction of what we should be.
The sun seems to always be setting now.
Everything is orange and a darker version of itself.

Everybody has that one.
Whose face will never leave them.
It floats among the memories.
That you both created.

Getting harder to see you now.
I don't know what steps to take or in what direction.

Don't forget. I loved you when.
Don't forget. Remember when.

I dropped my rusted bicycle into the weeds.
To let it sink into the soil.
Soon my roots will devour it all,
And lift it atop my branches.
I'll give everything I can to you,
Until they read "Return to Sender."

But, now that she's gone.
And you've been up for three whole nights.
Can you think of a better way out of this mess?
That you both created.

I won't dissolve but I can feel myself fall.
I won't dissolve but I can feel the coming fall.

My head feels empty.
There's something wrong and I'm not okay.
Remember when you would catch me every time I fell?
Well, I'm falling.

On the shore you walked from me.
The sand less soft than it was before.
Sticks to my clothes as I make tracks on the shore.

Is this how I lose you?
Can you even still feel?
I know that you are still real.
All dressed up for sex appeal.

Don't ever leave me again.
My world's empty without you in it.
And if you can't forgive my sins.
Then I'm better off dead.

I just wish for once that we could follow the rules of this madness.
We set before ourselves because they only lead to sadness.
And I know that my desires may sometimes bring the worst of me.
But if part of you still wants to see , then, baby, please just set her free.

I start to follow vapor trails in the sky.
Leading me to new possibilities.
But you are on the planes that lead me far ahead,
Past hills I can't scale.
I dig tunnels with tooth and nails to get there,
Until I break bone and find comfort in the grave that I dug for myself.